Medical professional, writer, and activist Loni Hoots is the author of the novella Petals and Nails (2018), The Little Bird Series (2019), and five poetry collections including the latest Talk is Cheap (2019). She has created some of the most unique stories and poems by combining mental health awareness, magic realism, romance, hope, and self-journey. 

She is set to release another installment of the Little Bird Series in autumn of 2019, and a novella in winter of 2019. 

Hoots has been working with Middle Island Press since 2015. 

She is currently living in Oklahoma and is an author and a medical professional. When she is not working or writing she can be found hiking, golfing, or traveling and taking nature photos. She is also completely her Bachelors of General Studies in History and Business.

She can be found at and at

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