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Book of the Month: November

Halloween has come and gone, and in different parts of the world snow has begun to swallow up the ground making it disappear for the next few months. And with that it seemed only fitting to choose a cozy story to start off the winter season to help everyone nestle into your massive comforters and pillows.

The Master of the Prado starts off in Madrid, Spain in 1990, where the main character Sierra meets a unique and mysterious stranger by the name Luis Fovel in the hallways of the Pado. Luis takes Sierra on a tour of the Prado and makes promises of discovering secrets that are hidden in each of the museum’s masterpieces.

The Master of the Prado is full of many insights and intriguing mysteries. Sierra brings historical characters alive in this astounding narrative filled with dazzling surprises that will entrance you as much as the pictures within.

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