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Shaking Up The High School Curriculum

Photo Credit: Robert Bye @robertbye via Unsplash

Take a moment and think about all the things you learned after middle school, can you remember anything that you were taught? Probably, but what do you remember? Do you remember how to multiple pi? Or do you remember how to dissect a frog? More than likely you do, and while it is neat that you remember those things, do you ever remember if you were taught financial management? What about nutrition or taxes?

The answer is probably no.

If we were to be honest with ourselves we can all agree that what the current high school students are learning are not actually preparing them for college life or even adulthood. So, how do we combat this? We take on the curriculum and create a new one that will actually benefit the future generations.

What classes should be mandated?

  1. Nutrition

Teaching the students about how to prepare a meal, while learning the benefits of specific ingredients can increase a healthier relationship between food and the person in question. Not only that, but our society has become so obsessed with restricting types of food just for the sake of losing weight, however, educating the students that foods are neither good or bad, and showing them that it is there to fuel their bodies to make it through the day, instead of letting it run their life.

2. Financial Management

Raise your hand if you know how to budget your finances. Chances are there are some who do know how to, but this is because they had subjected themselves to learning from the likes of Dave Ramsey or Crown Ministries, both that specialize in finances. However, there are many people out there, mostly students, who are unable to receive that similar type of help in the world of finance. Having a finance management course in high school can help the students be better prepared for when they are having to live on their own or with other people while at college.

3. Taxes

Tax season has recently come and gone, and now everyone has become rather confused about how things are going to turn out because no one probably never informed them of the reasoning behind taxes or about how to prepare yourself if you were to be audited for unknown reasons.

4. Self-defense

Physical education is an integral part of the school curriculum throughout all stages of a persons education career, starting from the beginning in elementary, all the way to college years. Self-defense is and will always be an integral part of life, especially in the world we live in where there is quite a bit of violence, and there is nothing wrong with learning how to defend oneself from any potential danger.

Not only that but back in 2019 a research was conducted and it found out that 1 in 5 students experience some sort of violence while being on campus. Knowing this information it would be beneficial for students to understand how to defend oneself while they are attending school, to make sure that their safety is not jeopardized.

5. Work Ethics

One of the things that students need to learn is about work ethics and see where they stand, and how they can improve themselves if they are on the lower end of the spectrum. It was shown in the 2019 article , that the high school students who had strong work ethics they were found to be goal oriented, whereas on the other hand of the spectrum, if the student is found to arrive late to school more than eighty percent of the time, they lacked ethics.

There is a work ethic quiz that one can take, especially a student, where you can learn about your own score and understand business ethics at the same time.

Want to take the quiz, check it out here.

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