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                            Petals and Nails

Iceland has always been known for its unique history and insanely beautiful landscapes, however, for Ingrid it has become a battle field where she constantly fights herself. On the outside she seems relatively calm to the world, portraying a regular sane person; in her mind she is slowly breaking down from years of silent torment, loss of loved ones, and the inability to heal herself. With the help of magic realism woven between love and mental health, Ingrid starts to find herself, and finally begin to heal, something - that she has been aching for for so long.

If You're Gonna Be There

Mirella Drouet is an unhappy twenty-something year old living in France where she fights whether to stay in toxic relationships she knows that are horrible for her. Once she finally breaks off one of her most toxic relationships yet she decides to make one of the most biggest and dramatic changes in her life, leaving her home country and move to Canada. When she arrives to the unknown country she finds herself in a whirlwind of emotions, finding out what she really wants in life and finding out where she was always meant to be. 

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