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What You Didn't Know...

It is here where I will be putting my degree and own personal experiences to use when it comes to the world of special education. 

Before we proceed, I have my bachelors in general studies, specializing in special education and business communication; not only that, but I have lived my entire life with dyscalculia and ADD (attention deficit disorder), causing certain aspects of learning difficult. While I have dealt with life in differently from others, I know that I can use what is perceived as a "weakness" by many, and turning it into a strength in educating others. 

Rosemary Kennedy Inspired Special Olympics

Have you ever wondered how the Special Olympics began? Learn more about the inspiration of the most famous sport all around the world. 

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First School for Disabilities is Found

Do you know when the first school for disabilities was found? Learn more by clicking on the photo.


The Champion Who Fought For the Rights of Disabled People

Learn about the myth, the legend, the champion...Stacey Park Milbern

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