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" Time to enlighten the world about the reality of mental health, and the secrets that many have tried to bury during the past several decades." 

"Loni Hoots is an author who has a feel for the shock rhythms of a story..."

Forest Scene

About the Author

Loni Hoots is the author of twelve books including the children's book series, The Little Bird Series, that follows a young red bird named Little Bird along with all of his friends. As of 2022 she has had six poetry collections published through Middle Island Press, along with two novellas If You're Gonna Be There, Petals and Nails, both receiving positive reviews. Since Spring 2022 she has been published through Cyberwit.Net.


While living in reality, her mind lives somewhere pass that, deep into the alternate realities that plague her mind, which promptly gives her the inspiration for the stories and poems she writes.

Her debut novel, Secrets of Edenfield was re-released as a second edition for Kindle in Autumn 2022, and will be available in paperback and hardback in Winter 2023. 

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