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The Box Under The Porch (Poem)

It has been over a decade since we stepped foot inside the house we grew up,

in fact, it has been over a decade since we buried our hopes and dreams,

the futures we hoped everything would be

into a tiny box.

If we were to go back to our childhood home,

would the box still be buried there?

Would we find the lives we wanted so much

frozen in time?

There are so many questions,

and so many things we constantly wonder about,

yet, we will never know if those dreams will come to life

till we witness them come true.

A life all our own,

one where the universe and God would guide us to,

one where I would educate the minds of little ones,

live a life where all your wildest dreams would come true,

as the world around us moved in sync,

granting all the hopes and dreams to those who believed.

Now the question is,

are we living the lives we dreamt we would have?

The ones that pushed us down the correct paths?

If not, then that is okay,

cause we still have an entire lifetime

to pursue the dreams we left in the box under the porch

nearly twenty years ago.

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