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The Many Paths for Education

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

From a young age we are told that education is important, and if we are going to be honest with ourselves we can all agree that education is indeed important. It is important to make it through preschool, through elementary and middle school, and even high school; but what about life after high school? What about those who wish to not go off to university because of multiple different reasons? What about those who wish to not go into debt (and who could blame them)? Well, there are different types of education paths out there, but many people overlook them. The most common one is to go to a state university, an example of this is Kansas University; however, there are many people who do not wish to go this route. That is where these other types of education paths come into play.

Community college is a nice alternative to those who wish to obtain a baccalaureate degree while being able to stay in their hometown and work while being able to attend their classes; in fact, back in 2019 Ohio’s Sinclair Community College opened up these degree options to all those who wanted to pursue an education that wouldn't cost an arm and leg. Community colleges are also a great alternative for certifications and associate degrees; at Lamar Community College in Colorado, there are multiple associate degrees such as Equine Science, along with several certifications in fields that many would never dream of such as agriculture.

What about trade schools? There's that option too! There are so many trade schools across the nation, in fact, there are trade schools all over the world; in Germany there are some top notch vocational trade schools that train many of the citizens in their preferred respective fields such as education and healthcare, along with other career fields. Trade schools have become a lucrative and popular field, just think about all the people you see in everyday life, there are cosmetologists, plumbers, contractors, mechanics, licensed practical nurse, architectural and civil drafters, and so many more. It is obvious that they needed at least a certificate or some type of diploma to gain such promising careers.

One of the overlooked things are certificates, more so with the increasing careers of yoga trainers, personal trainers, and content writers; one of thing that many people don't seem to understand is that ever since the 80s fitness and health has been on the move to create a healthy world for those around them, more and more each day there are others that are becoming a part of the field.

One of the most amazing things about working at any type of job, is that you can educate even yourself with any type of literature and work your way up the ladder to gain the position you are striving for. While you don't need to have a PhD to make a difference for not only your life, but also for the lives of others, there is absolutely no harm in gaining any sort of education to strengthen your mind. Are you a senior in high school and unsure about what you are wanting to pursue? Ask your school's guidance counselor about all the options that are out there. Curious in knowing where your strengths lie? Take a career aptitude test, there are several online that are credible.

Are you an adult wanting to make career change? Then begin by doing some research, reaching out to a career counselor such as Prepory, or going to a local college to speak with a career counselor.

Remember the first step is to go up the ladder is to take initiative, and fulfill the goals you have placed for yourself.


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