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Too Late (Poem)

All in my head

it keeps on repeating,

and here I am dancing in silence

while the lyrics to your good-bye sings me to sleep.

Carelessly tosses on the floor

with the rest of my clothes,

the last of my farewells has been enclosed

in a box,

while the rest of this begins to waste away.

Dear love,

you are too late

and I can’t think of a better way,

cause I can give you to the night

and watch your back enveloped by the star filled sky

as I sing to the moon

and wait for a new day.

I know how this must feel

cause I’ve been where you are,

but I’m not here to waste time

so love, you were too late,

you left me on the balcony wishin’ and dreamin’

while you decided to finally come my way.

But maybe I’m wrong,

maybe I jumped the gun,

and this was the right time for you to come,

maybe you were never too late,

but right on time,

and now I have to wait till fate intervenes

and push my stubbornness,

cause fate was meant to happen on it’s

own timeline,

and not mine.

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