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Book of the Month: July

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Can you believe that July is finally here? I know I can’t, and get here it is, it is officially over halfway through the year and we are inching closer and closer to to 2020. But I digress, let’s get down to the book of the month for July, Body Positivity Power: How to stop dieting, make peace with your body and live.

Raise your hand if you love your body. Raise your hand if you want to love your body in all its glory but cannot because society has deemed certain body types “wrong, disgusting, and undesirable “. Well, this beautiful book written by phenomenal instagram influencer Megan Jayne Crabbe covers all aspects of loving your body while promoting positive body image and teaching you to dump the madness that is diets.

And personally, I love that. I love the message that she promotes not only on her social media sites, but as a person in general. And this is a great way to start the second half the year with a little positivity in our lives together, so head over to your local bookstore and get your copy. And also, follow Megan on instagram today!

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