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Lessons From Books: Petals and Nails

Every single story that has ever been written has several lessons for the reader to learn along the way, and with that my own books have several lessons that the main character has to learn. While the main character has to understand where they stand throughout the book, they are showing the reader the lessons that should be applied to their own lives.

Petals and Nails follows Ingrid, a young twenty something year old woman living in Iceland. The main theme of the story dives into the world of mental health and how it can affect their life and those around them, and Ingrid figures this out along the way. Not only this, she also figures out how it affects her own wellbeing in many other ways.

  1. Take Care of Your Mental Health, It Can Seep Into Your Everyday

Many people do not realize that if you do not take care of your mental wellbeing it can seep into other aspects of your life, it can take a toll on your physical wellbeing. Ingrid figures this out when she finds herself dealing with losing control of her own body. If one does not take care of their mental health they are more likely to find themselves unable to take care of the rest of their body, finding themselves unable to get out of bed or be able to physically do anything.

2. It Is Okay To Reach Out For Help

All of us have had moments in life where we were too proud and could not muster up the courage to ask for help in our darkest moments, this is mostly due to society's past of telling others to bottle it up and don't share what is going on. However, with many people breaking down the stigma that has surrounded mental health, it has become more common to seek help, whether it be through a friend, family, or even with a licensed professional.

3. Our Dreams Help Us Heal

According to a study that was done in 1996, nearly 75 percent of the population dreams, whether it be in color or in black and white. One of the thing that many researchers have concluded is that there is no definitive reason as to why someone dreams, but there are several theories from many. One of the theories about dreams healing us is through how the scenarios play out in the dream sequence. Throughout the day we are subjected to many events, no matter how miniscule we may think they are, and once we lay our head upon the pillow at night those events will be reworked into the dream world and give us the opportunity to settle things in a surreal manner.

4. There is No One Way to Heal

Throughout the entire book it is shown that Ingrid has found herself seeping deeper and deeper into her dream world, it is there where she is able to find the answers that she had been searching for, and looking for some way to heal from everything that was affecting her overall wellbeing. Her dream world is the exact place where she finds the closure she was looking for when it came to her father.

Many people have constantly talked about different methods of healing oneself, yet, it has become apparent that there is no particular way to heal. The dream world has become one of the places where a person can heal and sort out all the information and events that seem to have overloaded.

Petals and Nails was certainly therapeutic for myself to write, because I found myself finding some answers that I was searching for, and hope that many others that read this novella learn these lessons that are sprinkled throughout.

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