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Path of The Fox (Poem)

"Such a sneaky one" I mutter to myself,

hoping that you cannot hear me

as I tiptoe through the forest,

hoping to not step on any leaves.

While I am unable to step on any,

suddenly your gaze fixes upon me,

leaving me stunned,



because there is something in your gaze

telling me that I am being fooled,

being lured back to temptation,

from a past that no longer benefits me,

because the path ahead is filled with wonderful surprises,

ones beyond my wildest dreams.

Voices behind me sing,

attempting to turn my head back to the danger,

to take me back to where I am not supposed to be;

yet, you stare me down,

letting me know that you are the one that is leading this path from now on.

So, to the voices of the past that dare to bring me down,

say your last goodbyes,

cause it's all over now,

for you are meant to stay in the past,

not by my side,

only as a memory and a lesson,

for there is much more awaiting me in this life.

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