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Upcoming Books of 2020

For 2020 excitement is in the air for the upcoming books that are going to be gracing bookshelves and even on Audible. The Little Bird Series will be getting its fourth installment that takes place during the holiday season this coming winter, the book will be following Little Bird and his friends celebrating the different holidays that surround the winter solstice while also having plenty of fun and adventures. The perfect book to cuddle with while watching the snow falling outside the window.

While Little Bird is celebrating and having fun, If You're Gonna Be There follows Mirella who moves from France to Canada after breaking a toxic engagement. The novella follows the path that everyone must take in order to find our own self worth, and learn to heal before moving on to a healthier path in life whether it be relationship wise or even just for personal growth to finding confidence and breaking bad dating patterns. If You're Gonna Be There will be released in Summer 2020.

Not only that, Little Bird's First Day will be coming to Audible this spring with the help of the talented voice actress Joanne Lichtenstein who is developing the story into a magical show for your ears.

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